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Toysonics.com :: Product Reviews

261 Review(s) Found
Displaying: 1 - 261 reviews(s)
Product Reviews
10 Pairs 2-Pin Golden Plated T-plug Connector

Review: I used these deans connectors on all my AIRsoft Guns and they work great
Author: large74

Review: These connectors do not melt at higher temps like some other connectors do, that is why I use them in every plane I own
Author: tom

10 Pairs Micro Dean Style Golden Plated Connector Set

Review: I have been more than happy with these and the service from Toysonics
Author: Livonia Bob

10 Pairs 4mm Gold Plated Bullet Connector

Review: not bad
Author: unkwon

Review: These are great for higher amperage needs

Review: These work absolutely great for connections between ESC and brushless motors. I only bought 10 pair the first time around, but I think I'll go ahead and order 20 next time. Now if I can just find some good housings to go with them. :)
Author: Unknown

Review: Provide excellent contact between your ESC and motor, and can be unplugged easily to reverse rotation direction or swap parts around between planes. Easy to solder, gives a good, firm plug. Excellent product at a price that can't be beat!
Author: Unknown

Review: High quality, used on my 5S 4100 Lipos and cheap compared with others
Author: Unknown

Review: Decent connectors, although spring could be stronger. Resistance is only 0.3 mOhm, comparable with brand name connectors
Author: Unknown

Fly Dragon Hughes 2CH RC R/C Remote Radio Control Electric Helicopter RTF



Align T-REX 600 Nitro Pro Superior Kit (Torque Tube Driven/Red Fiberglass Canopy) KX0160NPB

Review: i wana to buy but engine INCLUDED?
Author: adam

Review: I wanna know if the helicopter Alinear T-REX 600 Nitro Pro can support a 17.4 Oz. camera. please answer me to my e-mail: monge_im@hotmail.com.
Author: Gabriel Monge

Align T-REX 600 Nitro Pro Superior Kit (Torque Tube Driven/White Fiberglass Canopy) KX0160NPA

Review: i like it
Author: haidinh

Towerpro SG90 SG 90 9g Micro Mini Servo

Review: No need to pay more for servos or over-priced hobby shop gear sets. Just order a dozen or so of these to have on hand. I use them in my mini ultra stick, 70+ MPH Stryker (flying wing), and 3D foamie and they perform very well. I also tried them in my e-sky belt CP 450 size heli and they are much faster and stronger than the stockers. Order a bunch, you will not be disappointed

Review: i put 3 of this servos on my t rex helicopter and they work very good i will more soon
Author: Unknown

Review: these are great!, buy them to use i any small project, planes, helicopters, anywhere a small lightweight servo is needed. they are smooth, quiet, no chatter or noise while idle. lots of power for the size, i cant tell the difference between them and my hs55 servo....except the price! thanks. very happy
Author: Unknown

Review: Only the best servo Run fast and spare geara are good A servo with great power in low price Simply the best on my trex 450 SEV2 on mini titan 325 and Protech Zoom 450IC THE BEST
Author: Unknown

Review: Don't waste your money on any other servos. These are the best in their class. Tight, precise, fast & strong. I have a bunch of them in my electric fliers and have had no problems. I've got over a dozen and I'm buying more
Author: Unknown

Review: Man, for the price, these are really hard to beat since they seem to perform like the HS-55's. I'm using these in my mini-wings...the 16-20 incher
Author: Unknown

Review: This has got to be the perfect servo for parkflyers. It's cheap, strong and fast, and I've orderd a bunch of these over the years.
Author: Unknown

Review: This servo is comparable to HS-55. Faster, stronger than HS-55. Very good servo at great price!!!
Author: Unknown

Review: Woo! These are da Bombs@!! don't waste your money on other servos.. these little things perform as good as HS-55's except that when the gears strip, you simply replace them with a new one because of their low cost! They strip only on really hard crashes just like the hs-55's.. get more of these! i'm ordering another 10 just to keep them! good servo's for any foamie... i use 6 of these on my bipe.
Author: Unknown

Volvo Nitro RC R/C Remote Control Remote Fiberglass Racing Boat 18cxp

Review: I think that it is pritty cool and fast
Author: diego

Turbo Cat Nitro RC R/C Remote Fiberglass Tunnel Hull Racing Boat .21 Marine Engine

Review: good
Author: AndreyMilano

Rainx B28 41" Nitro Powered RC Fiberglass Racing Boat .18 Marine Engine w/ Hitec Remote Servo

Review: this is an amazing boat, i recomend it to anyone who wants one very fast and flips round 180 and 360 if you have a bit of speed.
Author: luke penning

Esky Hexangular Screwdriver 4 pcs EK1-T000

Review: This is one of the easiest helicopters to fly on the market. I have had the lama4 for about 4 months and I think that I van fly it very well.
Author: joel lewis (beckylewis1996@yahoo.com)

Esky Brushless Motor Outrunner 3900KV 2.3mm Shaft EK5-0005 001133

Review: good... what is the torque produced by the motor?
Author: saroj

Esky Brushless Motor Outrunner 1200KV 5.0mm Shaft EK5-0007

Review: Excellent smooth running motor with tons of power. I am running it on a Century Swift 16 an Esky E-Smart 600 and believe it or not, I just set up a Trex 600 on it with 5S2P 4200mah Lipo and it is getting the job done. Get this motor before they realize how good this product is and jack up the price.
Author: Danny Cunningham

Emax BL2210/25 1800KV Outrunner Brushless Motor

Review: I was really surprised of the amount of power this little beast can give, it small size almost fooled me, and it took out a small piece of my finger's skin (propeller accident), be careful with it, other then that, such a perfect choice for small size Balsa air crafts. Cheers.
Author: Kareem

Emax BL2215/20 1200KV Outrunner Brushless Motor

Review: I purchased four of these for my Quad. I removed the bells and balanced all four bells, I machined prop extensions that directly bolted to the top of the bells to insure that I did not lose a prop, then I flew with great success and the motors performed as promised. I then cryo'ed all four motors and the performance almost doubled. They ran cooler measuring 110 deg. F. and this is in the hot Southwest where temps were in the 100's for most of the summer. I highly recommend these motors, the performance and cost make them a easy choice.
Author: Can-Am

Emax BL2815/09 920KV Outrunner Brushless Motor

Review: Hi there, do you have this motor with the shaft reversed ?
Author: Keith Schneider

Dynam USB 2.0 6CH FMS Flight Simulator (Mode 2)

Review: Hello,would be nice if for windows 7
Author: Sabri

GWS FW-190 190 RC Electric Plane W/ BL2215 (Dark Gray/Light Gray)

Review: The GWS Focke-Wulf 190 is an incredible flyer! It took a beating but was always an easy, quick fix. The design was well-thought out by GWS. It\'s light enough to float like a glider under low RPMs or, due to its light weight, it can go almost unlimited vertical with a 450-sized motor and 10x7 prop. I actually had to run a 3-blade on it for awhile until I got used to it. I rated it at \"Excellent\" because it\'s a fantastic plane that\'s well-worth the money. Be careful in winds over 12mph though!
Author: Mac

HSP 1/8 Sea Rover RC Remote Control Nitro Off Road 4WD Truggy Ready to Run

Review: im interested but dont want pistol grip remote. any advice?
Author: andy shaw

HSP 1/10 Atomic Warhead .18 2 Speed RC Remote Nitro Gas OffRoad 4WD Racing Buggy RTR

Review: Hello, after a year, I return to review this car. I crashed it and bent the front after a month so, I have only used it for like, 50 hours. It is an intense car and is extremely fast, so watch out Lewis Hamilton, the Atomic Warhead RTR is coming!
Author: Jacob Greatrix

Review: Hello, I am getting this model as reduced from £439 to £129 for my birthday. (Monday) I ordered at 1:45 am this morning whilst with my father. Everybody is calling this 1 year old model crap. Trust me, for R.R.P £439 it isn't crap. Highly recommended! Hits 90KMPH or 60 MPH! Thanks.
Author: Jacob Greatrix

Review: My son has one of these with green wheels, very cheap to buy, easy to repair ( you will break something) even the most expensive R/C nitro buggies will break, good thing about this is parts are cheap & plentyful from Plaig.com and other r/c outlets, I've replaced the 2nd gear at a cost of $4 & re-conected the clutch spring once. Heaps of fun and fast. Get yourself a rechargable glow starter for around $30, we run 10% nitro fuel, oh, have had to re-glue the front tyre on the rim, this is normal, pull the tyre off, clean the plastic rim, push the tyre back onto the rim, push the tyre to the centre of the rim, put a few dots of superglue on the edges of the wheel rim & push tyre from centre of wheel to the wheel rim edge, hold in place for a few seconds... done. A lot of people mouth off about these Atomic nitro's, but as I said, even the most expensive cars will break.
Author: Cameron

Review: i think this car is awsome an i would love to purcase it.
Author: carmine

HSP 1/8 Bazooka 21CXP RC Remote Nitro Racing Buggy Off Road 4WD RTR

Review: Highly recommended.very much impressed.i have jumped,crashed,flipped,rolled and it just keeps on going.this is an a affordable 8th scale offroad buggy.The standard motor has heaps of grunt,once tuned its awesome.
Author: Baz

3 Socket 3.5mm Gold Connector w/ Housing

Review: Makes it easy to disassemble the Motor from the ESC. As said below it is useful to change the direction of rotation

Review: I use these on 300~450 class heli Motor/ESC connection. Suitable for the job and excellent value for money. Reply to this.. No replies. Reply now respond to this review.. Create an account
Author: Unknown

Review: Very easy to solder, will buy more
Author: Unknown

Review: These connectors make life a lot easier by keeping the wires organized. They handle the current without fail, and don't lose their coating. Highly recommended
Author: Unknown

Air Operated Retract System (Pro Version)

Review: This retract system is made from aluminium with no plastic parts whatever. It is air up, air down and comes with all needed accessories. it contains all needed intersection pieces and also a european made "Festo" manometer . The gear blocks are drilled for 5 mm wires, so it seems that the landing gear will hold up for planes up to 4-5kgs. On a paved runway I am sure it will even support up to 6-7kg. I will mount this gear intop a 65" KMP Tucano whicch weighs around 4,5 kg. I will report my findings after the first few flights and landings.
Author: Robin Senn

O.S. 160FX 19260 Ringed w/Muffler OSMG0660

Review: Dear Kalischek Nicolas, Shipping depends on the weight/dimension/address, so I could not tell you for sure. Our system automatically calculates it on the checkout page. It will show a variety of delivery methods and the cost. Then you may decide which method you prefer. For this particular item to France, it should be about $17. If you have any other questions or concerns about this product, please feel free to contact us directly through our email at sales@toysonics.com
Author: Toysonics Sales Representative

Review: Hello I'm interested in the O.S. 160FX Ringed w/Muffler OSMG0660, what would be the price for shipping to france and do you have a solution for the custom
Author: Kalischek Nicolas

Corona RP6D1 Synthesized Receiver 6CH 72mHz (Dual conversion)

Review: Several of us at our local field have gotton these receivers and they are vvery good no trouble so far and the range is ( probally out of sight. Thanks
Author: grunthal

Corona RP6S1 Synthesized Receiver 6CH 72mHz (Single Conversion)

Review: Works Great on a Futaba 9cap. No Glitch whatsoever. Rather Impressed But yet to test it on actual flight. Will post results when I have tested it.

Review: No servo centering problems with this receiver or any other issues. More than 100 feet of ground range with the antenna bundled up and transmitter antenna collapsed. I will use this receiver in my new sailplane with 100% confidence. I can recommend this receiver without reservation
Author: Unknown

Review: This is a fantastic value. The same cost as discount 5ch crystal radios but you get 6 ch and the ability to use any channel. Nice if you have more than one radio or share your fleet with other flyers. occasionally dignal wont lock on first try.
Author: Unknown

Review: nice product. easy to use. No glitches, I' m very happy with
Author: Unknown

Review: got down to testing my first 72mhz corona synthesizer. i fixed it on my twinstar, turned on the radio, pressed down on the tiny button on the receiver and the signal locked almost immediately. did a range test of about 50 feet and no jitters! next step was flight.... i did my usual circuit and then took the plane out as far as i could see...... perfect! for a budget receiver it sure can perform!
Author: Unknown

Review: Excellent product at an unbeatable price. Great to have more planes flying with a single TX )
Author: Unknown

Review: After reading about some of the problems with the earlier versions, I hesitantly ordered one. Mine locked on to my JR XP7202 just like the instructions say it should. Works great with no complaints. Range hasn't been a problem even with the airplane a speck in the sky. I ordered 2 more and 2 of the 4 channel.
Author: Unknown

Review: This receiver is great value for the money not crystals to buy and the manual is pretty good the setup went easy. No glithches at all.
Author: Unknown

Review: With Hitec Optic 6/spectra in a range check this receiver will go over 100 yards with the antennae down before glitching is noticed. The 8 channel dual conversion version is only slightly more sensitive, about 120 yards in a similar test.
Author: Unknown

Review: This is a great receiver! Bound to my JR Radio immediately. Great range, i was flying over a large river and could fly as far away as i could see (i have very good eyes) with no twitching or loss of signal. It even survived a failed elevator (hinges failed and ripped out the back, it was really windy) causing the plane to 'explode' in the water. Dried it out after washing it with R.O. water and it works like new, couldn't believe it survived! This is one tough little receiver!
Author: Unknown

Futaba 3PK Transmitter Bag FUTP1000

Review: It can hold one radio. If you have any other questions or concerns about this product, please feel free to contact us directly through our email at sales@toysonics.com
Author: Toysonics Sales Representative sales@toysonics.com

Review: how meny radioes does this bag hold?
Author: gary

3.5inch 89mm 6 Blade EDF Ducted Fan Unit

Review: Best fan for the price, will fit 40mm canned motors and pitched very close to wemo but cost less than half price.
Author: FanMan

Review: I bought this EDF for my hydro Boat project it is a very powerful jet I added a 10% reduction tube and ballanced the rotor and I,m running a 2048 feigo motor with a 100amp ESC ,14.4v 5000mHa lipo pushes the boat along my bench no worries

2.68inch 68mm 5 Blade EDF Ducted Fan Unit

Review: This product is a perfect purchase. I am proving whith a 4S 2400 mah whith an excelent thrust. I recommend this to all.

Review: Excellent value for the money, spares suitable for WeMoTEc EDF 70, perfect thrust
Author: Unknown

Review: Excellent quality for the buck, very simillar at Wemotec, only fixation system is different. Parts are "swapable"....
Author: Unknown

Review: i love this thing ,low cost grate setup!! setup is 420 e-flite heli motor 32 amps 550 watts on 4s also from hc lm 25 c 2250ma batties lots of power!!
Author: Unknown

Corona 2.4GHz TX Module & 8CH Receiver System RX for Futaba

Review: Received the set and 2 aditional receivers today. My first impression is: Wow! excelent price/performance. Found one snag (just minor, but still..), when you intend to fly more planes you have to "bind" al receivers at the same time. I will keep you people posted when I start test flying. This could take some days, it's raining cats and dogs in Holland this week :-( A friend of mine is using this set for a month now without any problem.

Review: I tested this module in two radio systems Futaba FF8 and Futaba FF7 UAP Both systems works well. No problems at all regardling with the glitches and the neutral position of the servos in channels 5 to 8 as some other users had identified. I'm happy
Author: Unknown

Futaba NT8LP Transmitter NiCd 9.6V 600mAh 2PKA w/9v con FUTM1450

Review: I'm trying to find transmitter battery for a FMS X-6 FHSS 2.4GHz Radio System that came with the FMS 1400mm 182 Sky Trainer, but not the AA type. It has 3 connectors for the battery compartment. If can find any information, please let me know! Best Regards, Mike
Author: Mike Moore

HPI Baja 5B SS Kit w/Clear Body 10610

Review: 100% excellent
Author: Wang Bin (Wangbin@bnf-tex.com)

Review: a.w.e.s.o.m.
Author: adam

1.97inch 50mm 6 Blade EDF Ducted Fan Unit

Review: Used this to replace stock fan unit for the 50mm EDF planes (F-16, F-18, F-36, etc...). The fan housing's "lip" is in the rear like the stock fan so no foam cutting necessary. Stock motor (4300kv) will work with this fan. Will need to drill slightly larger hole for fan. Will need to cut back cylinder into which motor fits in order to get front plate of motor to fit into housing. 15 minutes total of easy mods in my opinion. Will get more

Review: I used it on my mini AMX. I removed the 5 blade and used this one. It needed some cutting up to the lip to fit the stock motor and to drill the fan whole with a 2mm drill. other than that it fitted VERY WELL.. I used it on 4S with stock motor and ESC. THE PLANE was a BLAST :) ballistic speeds and very safe with 4S packs.. hit more than 100mph downwind very dureble plastic with no flexing and no rubbing o nthe shroud I'm very happy with it
Author: Unknown

Review: Well made, and quite good balanced. Light weight. Performance is what promised, and much more if you secure fan to motor axle with CA-glue. Good value for money.Only minus, no intake ring.
Author: Unknown

Review: Runs pretty well with a kda 24turn inrunner, used on a hbcp2 tail. Possible to mount 20mm motors such as mine by sanding 4 parts in the inside.
Author: Unknown

Tamiya 1/16 Leopard 2 A6 Main Battle Tank Kit 56020

Review: Great model from Tamiya
Author: Lascar Richard

Multiplex Mentor Airplane Kit 64.2" M214228

Review: It is surprisingly a lot better than i expected and looks awesome. Very nice plane. Beautifully made and detailed. This is my second Mentor.
Author: WALDIR DEZOTTI (waldir@twb.ind.br)

Spider 47" 26CC Gasonline RC Remote Fiberglass High Speed Racing Boat

Review: this so rad.. it has so much power, i feel like if i ran it into somone they would get killed!
Author: buyer

Esky Belt CP V2 Tail boom (Green) EK1-0423G 000690

Review: great product , usually have very good durability and off course that if you buy this thats means you have the cp belt v2 green. this is cool heli!
Author: rotman

Hobbico Hobbistar 60 Select RTF 71" HCAA18**

Review: Probably going to buy one of these tomorrow. I have done some comparison shopping and this looks great for the $. Kind of wish it had speed brakes or flaps, but I'll make do :)
Author: choctawpete


O.S. 24601000 Crankcase .46 AX OSMG4210

Review: Shipping depends on the weight/dimension/address, so I could not tell you for sure. Our system automatically calculates it on the checkout page. It will show a variety of delivery methods and the cost. Then you may decide which method you prefer. For this item to Slovenia, it is $10. If you have any other questions or concerns about this product, please feel free to contact us directly through our email at sales@toysonics.com
Author: Toysonics Sales Representative

Review: We are interesting to buy one piece O.S. 24601000 Crankcase .46 AX OSMG4210. We are from Slovenia, Europe. What is the final price on our address. Regards
Author: borut.plestenjak@amis.net

Esky Big Lama E020 Cabin EK1-0378 000664

Review: This helicoptor has never crashed or gotten out of control great heli
Author: Brad Tauer

Great Planes 47.4" Slinger Electric Flying Wing ARF GPMA1180

Review: Shipping depends on the weight/dimension/address, so I could not tell you for sure. Our system automatically calculates it on the checkout page. It will show a variety of delivery methods and the cost. Then you may decide which method you prefer. For this item to Brazil by USPS should be about $65. If you have any other questions or concerns about this product, please feel free to contact us directly through our email at sales@toysonics.com
Author: Toysonics Sales Representative

Review: Great Planes 47.4\" Slinger Electric Flying Wing ARF GPMA1180 SHIPPING FOR BRAZIL (USPS)?
Author: jm-oliveira@oi.com.br

USAF SR-71 Blackbird 2.4GHz 5CH Twin Engine 64mm RC Remote Control Military Fighter Ducted Fan Jet RTF

Review: i love it so much i drop stinck bombs at my friend`s house
Author: bob

Review: does it come with ever thing you need to flie with?
Author: robert franke

Review: i bought this plane 7,8 months ago i loved so much i flew it every day. it has a long battery time. i love it so much all my buddies got one too.
Author: jack

Great Planes Rimfire 28-22-1380 Outrunner Brushless GPMG4505

Review: very impresed to me, this is one of the best indoor 3D airplane.every 3d fliers must be hv one.....go..go..great planes
Author: Nadzfil rezal Mohd Pilus (kajangperdana@gmail.com)

Super Tiger G-90 Ringed w/Muffler 11003544 SUPG0235

Review: Could you please advise me when this engine arrive.
Author: Luciano Curci

Super Tiger G-2300 Ringed w/Muffler 11003723 SUPG0248

Review: Love your site. Best is your very competative pricing and reasonable shipping. Hold on to those traits! A Regular Customer
Author: Warren Moncrief

Super Tiger 22252747 Engine Screw Set G-40/GS-45 ABC/G-51RC/G-51 CL SUPG5814

Review: friends I would like to help me by let me know if is possible to send two sets of this item down to Mexico City and what could be the shipping cost. thanks for your attention and kindly answear
Author: carlos leonardo caballero

ABC Hobby Genetic Toyota Vitz 24012

Review: very.good.car
Author: mr.jonon

Review: this is very goog lookin stylish car>beautiful colour is ke liye jitna kaha jaye km he
Author: umair

iMax B6AC 1-6 Cells Digital Multifunctional Balance Charger

Review: This is an amazing charger. I'll love the features, the speed of charging my LIPOs(5000mah). The price was very reasonable. I wonder whether it could handle parallel charging multiple LIPOs
Author: Abdul Askew SR (dulpyps@yahoo.com)

ABC Hobby 1/10 Mini XANADU (NISSAN) CUBE Body 66041

Review: doez it fit the mo5
Author: daniel

Hobbico 4-Way Wrench w/Plug Storage HCAP2550

Review: Nice little tool to have in your field box if your working with nitro models. I like the chrome finish. I can't wait to test its durability. The price was great.
Author: Abdul Askew SR (dulpyps@yahoo.com)

Hobbico Accu-Cycle Elite Charger/Discharger/Cycler HCAP0280

Review: This is an outdated very overpriced charger. There are lipo charger that are $100 less that do more. This charger wont even charge life batteries
Author: carlt1912

AquaCraft U-18 Miss Vegas Deuce .18 cu Hydroplane 2.4GHz RC Remote Control Boat RTR

Review: Dear John Maceira, Shipping depends on the weight/dimension/address, so I could not tell you for sure. Our system automatically calculates it on the checkout page. It will show a variety of delivery methods and the cost. Then you may decide which method you prefer. For this item, it should be about $70. This boat is Ready to Run version. You will just need *AA Batteries: 8 for transmitter *Glow Fuel: 30% nitro boat blend *Fuel bottle, glow starter and shore equipment (In the Related Products). If you have any other questions or concerns about this product, please feel free to contact us directly through our email at sales@toysonics.com
Author: Toysonics Sales Representative

Review: Dear Sirs: SEnd me inf about the Fuel, Battery is neded or the equipment I need to run the boat. The complete price, included the shipping and handling to Puerto Rico.
Author: John Maceira

AquaCraft Bristol Bay RC Remote Control Electric Fishing Boat RTR

Review: this boat preforms well. motor is powerfull for this size of boat 33". does not need added weight. added smoke stack & 3" crew members plus ship wheel with pilot with cabin lights. highly recommend the rc bristol bay for hours of sailing pleasure
Author: william stewart

AquaCraft Paradise 26" FRP RC Remote Control Sailboat RTR

Review: Upon initial launch, flooding from rudder poat assembly. Not glued in properly. Need better quality assurance checks. Age, 73, not my first r/c sailboat
Author: cjsladky@comcast.net

Top Flite Lighting Kit Cessna 182 60 Size ARF TOPA1768

Review: Exbelente Top-Flite. Es el mejorrrrrrrrrr
Author: Fernando Perez ROdriguez

Goldberg 464 Hold Down Angle (4) 464

Review: Let ma know when you get these in.
Author: Kevin Kovach

Tamiya 9495491 Sticker 58372

Review: great products by tamiya
Author: george reynolds (wjr334@yahoo.com)

HPI 1433 Starting Pin/Pressure Spring .21 BB

Review: Produto exelente
Author: Jones

Hobbico NexSTAR EP Mini 2.4GHz RTF HCAA0705

Review: Excellent trainer, it can handle some typical first-flyer abuse. The PivotFlex mount is not what I expected (instead of releasing the wing, it got ripped out from the fuselage after the first crash) so now I have to mount the wing using some rubber bands (old school). The battery tray + velcro + hatch does holds the battery in place on "high-G" maneuvers (like rolls and loops), so keep that in mind if you are going to try some stunts :)
Author: Santiago

Castle Creations PHX-10 Phoenix-10 10A Brushless ESC

Review: Dear purchase manager, This is alice xiao from Hengtuo innovation Technology Company. We are RC Brushless ESCs supplier, and we have researched & designed some new product. Also we have our own professional designers to meet any of your requirements. We welcome OEM & ODM
Author: alice

4inch 102mm 7 Blade EDF Ducted Fan Unit

Review: Powerful fan unit with hobbyking heli motor-600 1300-1970 kv on 6s with toysonics hobbywing 150 esc < 40c 5000 mh. 3600 watts! sick torque !
Author: 3Dj

2.5inch 64mm 7 Blade EDF Ducted Fan Unit

Review: update I blew a 5000kv engine on take off and then a 60 amp esc both on 3 sell set ups it is working on a 40 amp 3300kv right now but of course a bit wimpy. In short this is not for high kv set ups it is much more efficient with lower kvs not for speed more for thrust

Review: just bench tested this and it shut down my 40 amp esc (which used to work great with my other fan) so definitely pulling more watts gonna need a 60 amp esc with a 4300kv 3cell set up, Also a bit of space between blades and housing may want to fill in the gap a bit (I usually just use tape) keep it more efficient hope this helps

Review: I was suprised when I opended the package and found a 3mm adapter included with the fan. Pretty cool.
Author: AJ

Review: WOW!!!!! This EDF unit is terrifyingly powerful. Take out what ever 64mm you got in your jet & put this one in. You will be amazed. I used on my F4-Phantom and it flew up vertically with half the distance of run way. It was like trying to control a rocket after. It definately top out at 90mpr. I highly recommend it. Worth your money.
Author: Charles

5inch 127mm 7 Blade EDF Ducted Fan Unit

Review: Serious power. worth saving on the fan and buy a powerful motor! 21lbs. 5117 watts with neu motor1527 12s. hobbywing 120 hv. (slot the shaft on motor) light balancing only!
Author: 3DJ

Review: We love this fan. We have ran this fan with the KB45-08L 2300kv Brushless Inrunner and the turn out was powerful. Great fan and motor combo.
Author: BagButton

4.5inch 115mm 7 Blade EDF Ducted Fan Unit

Review: This fan is awesome with a t-600 1000kv heli motor and a hobbywing 120Hv esc on 10s 19lbs thrust. powerful combo!
Author: 3DJ

F-117 Nighthawk 70mm V2 2.4GHz RC R/C Stealth Fighter Ducted Fan Jet RTF w/ Retracts, Bomb, LED Light, Gear Door System

Review: im in the iran and the f117 is my dreas
Author: nezar mazraeh

Venom 1807 King Of Shaves C1 Racing RTR Gas Boat

Review: Would like to know how fast this boat is, and what is your fastest boat. Recentley purchased f-22 raptor fighter jet. Thank you
Author: Brian Williams

Hot Bodies C8101-1 Diff Gear Set Hard Steel Lightning Series

Review: J cherche c8101-1 c8101
Author: jose

F-117 Nighthawk V2 70mm RC R/C Stealth Fighter Ducted Fan Jet Kit ARF w/Retracts, Bomb, Gear Door System

Review: I want this for Christmas daddy ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Domenique

Review: i love it
Author: hai

Extreme X-605 1-6 Cells Digital Multifunctional 5A LiPo Balance Charger

Review: we will deal latter
Author: billy

Review: Itís a great charger/balancer, despite the relatively cheap price. I purchased one approximately three years ago and just gave it to friend and bought another.
Author: Jon

Review: Got this charger on Friday. Looks great, works great and is easy to use. I didnt even read the manual. (i never do though!). Started to charge a freshly purchased 5S pack. 10 minutes later I was disturbed by the loudest warning buzzer known to man! It seems our family cat had thought the charger was a nice warm place to have a nap on top of. And accidently kicked the discharge leads out of the charger setting of the charge warning buzzer. An excellent and safe charger. Would recomend to anyone!
Author: Chris

Review: Very Good Charger, Easy to Use
Author: Jose

Review: Very good charger for the price, charges everything, has safety features. There is all protection, like short circuit, inverse polarity.
Author: John

Hobbico Flyzone Playmate Micro EP 2.4GHz RTF 18.5" HCAA2550

Review: verry good
Author: goood

Heli-Max Comanche RAH-66 CX RTF Helicopter HMXE14**

Review: i got my comanche about a month ago.. i love it! it flys very easy, it's pretty fast for it's size and very durable after crashing. the first things to go were the landin gear (same for all rc helicopters) the very thin plastic shell, and the flybar. the flybar was espicially delicate because any tiny bend or tweak would cause the whole helicopter to shake and fly funny... but overall i would say that the commanche is one of the best performing and easiest to fly helicopters on the market.
Author: Chris salas

Cessna 185 Skywagon V2 6CH RC Remote Control Electric Airplane ARF w/ Flaps, Landing Gears, Float Kits, LED light

Review: great fly ing sexperience.
Author: julian urma

Review: great flying airplane and very responsive
Author: brad tauer

Toysonics NASA XB-70 Valkyrie 2.4GHz 6CH 70mm EDF RC Remote Control Ducted Fan Jet RTF w/Retract Landing Gear

Review: is this plane can carrying a cam ?
Author: distances

Review: I have been flying rc for over 25 years. This is an excellent value. Everything worked great right out of the box. Beautiful rendition of this unique aircraft. It flies very stable and lands great. Slows way down really well. It does not have a 3D flight envelope but does look really cool in the air. If you always wanted an XB-70, it won't get any better then this model. I highly receommend it.

Cessna 185 Skywagon V2 2.4GHz 6CH RC Remote Control Electric Airplane RTF w/ Flaps, Landing Gears, Float Kits, LED light

Review: This plane is worth the money and it is completely durable and I would recomend it to you i've baught many planes and this one was the best
Author: John Parker

Integy T7898RED Evolution Upgrade Conversion Kit Stampede

Review: I bought this for my 4x4 Stampede not realizing its made for two wheel drive, and i cant use half of it, not to mention what parts i can use takes me forever to figure out how to assemble because none of the parts are labeled, nor is there a how to manual anywhere. this is my first RC truck and im still trying to figure it out and this product was very confusing.
Author: Jessica

Starmax F35 F-35 Lightning II 64mm R/C Remote Control Electric Ducted Fan Fighter Jet Kit ARF

Review: Hello, what will be shipping cost for "Starmax F35 F-35 Lightning II 64mm R/C Remote Control Electric Ducted Fan Fighter Jet Kit ARF" to Germany? How long does it take to Germany? Best regards
Author: Wagner

Airbus A380 Jetliner 2.4GHz Quad EDF RC Remote Control Electric Ducted Fan Jet EPO Foam RTF

Review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRLnLMP4WhI&feature=youtube_gdata_player
Author: Stvinvegas

Review: Awesome well flying jet but need medium experience
Author: Captain appollo

Review: i would love to get one but iam just child looking for one which i can afford i cry every time i see one because i want one
Author: chip

Review: this airplane is great, have all these small details, i'm very impress and fly very well, but you need to have some experience to fly this airplane, for my point a view is excelent and i'm very happy that purchased this airplane. if you want something nice just buyed and you will be more then happy. remus p.s. by the way the shiping was very fast! Thank you !
Author: remus szabo

Review: Let us remember the smart beautiful golden age of jet travel with this amazing RTF A-380. I will be the first to arrive on the field with this model, and on time...Captain Janick
Author: Chef Janick Goudeau

Hobbywing Platinum 150A Pro Brushless Electric Speed Controller ESC

Review: I bought this ESC for a specific high current application. Running a JS-1400/Wemotec 609/4S pack for testing to go in a race jet on the build. This ESC ran this setup without fail at around 120A or so and 2000W. Plan to take it up a notch to 5S but shouldn't be a issue. This ESC is solid!
Author: Joanthan Leiletzoglou

Review: works great got it with the wild beast edf 70mm 4880kv motor and 4 cell 2200 40c batteries i recommend a program card
Author: Jay

HSP 1/10 Brontosaurus Pro Brushless Motor RC Remote Control 4WD Monster Truck Off-Road RTR

Review: great truck high performens and awesome suspension.
Author: yoyomon99

Airbus A380 Jetliner Quad EDF RC Remote Control Electric Ducted Fan Jet EPO Foam ARF

Review: I want buye this airplain
Author: Umar Zahir Abdulsamad

Review: this plane so good
Author: ali dashti

Sukhoi SU-47 Berkut V2 360 Vector Thrust RC Remote Twin 70mm Electric Ducted Fan Jet EDF ARF w/Retracts, Gear Door

Review: Very large and intoxicating to look at edf jet! I bought this as kit, word of advise take your time and check as you build, test your trust vector and wings set up before you seal the halfs of fuselage! I recommend this kit intermediate and expert. This one is not suited for a beginner as a first build!
Author: Atx10

Review: When are you guys gonna make a plastic or composite version of this beautifull aircraft instead of the foam.
Author: tony

F-86 Skyblazers 4CH 64mm EDF RC Electric Ducted Fan Jet EPO Receiver Ready

Review: Very nice Jet. Easy to fly, very tough durable foam, exceeded my expectations. Excellent park flier, don't bother installing the drop tanks, they just break off landing of grass. Watch for quality control issues regarding curved molded tails and elevators. I had to heat mine up with a hair drier and straighten it. Plane has separate L/R elevator flaps, watch for one lifting higher then the other. I had to have different horn positions for the linkage arms to make them equal. Highly recommend strengthening flaps with 3M blenderm tape, stock plastic hinges are cheap and flimsy. Other wise i love it! Easily impresses jet virgins. Price is worth the little work and tweaking to make it right.
Author: The Pizza Guy

B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber 2.4GHz 6CH Twin 64mm EDF RC R/C Ducted Fan Jet RTF w/ Retracts, Bomb, LED Light, Gear Door System

Review: I wish this tingh was a bit cheaper and i would buy it instantly!
Author: Aiden

B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Twin 64mm EDF RC R/C Ducted Fan Jet ARF w/ Retracts, Bomb, Gear Door System

Review: Or this one too Joe Really Cool Just a few servos a small stuff Wow! Pops
Author: Neil Richard Mc Neill (nrmcneill@shaw.ca)

Great Planes Goldberg Tiger 2 .40-.46 Kit GPMA0966

Review: Most excellent kit. Box fuselage with no birdcage for an easy build. Just do it. Why let some guy in Formosa charge you big bucks and miss all the fun? Flies great. Put on a lower pitch prop and twiddle with the control throws and it is so stable at low speed you and your instructor. could use it as a trainer. A real joy to land, kind of floats in with no low speed mush. The thick airfoil makes the difference here. Donny, our club senior instructor, kicked up my control throws and took it up for a major aerobatic display. That symmetrical wing makes the difference I think. It will play hard if you want to. Excellent second plane that could be a darned decent first plane. Why buy two? IMHO has it all over the Four Star. Tom
Author: Tom Shafer

Great Planes Goldberg Tiger 2 .40-.46 ARF GPMA1966

Review: Almost forgot. I used a Saito 50 4 stroke and was happy. Donny says he would use a 65 for more vertical oomph. I reinforced the gear mounts in the wings with ply gussets and epoxy. Would recomend setting up wings with 2 aileron servos about 1/2 way out on the ailerons with wiring extensions. No flutter and you can dial in flaperons that make landings a total hoot. Enjoy, Tom
Author: Tom Shafer pt. 2

Mini Digital Video Camera 16 grams only

Review: OK, the manual stinks! To set the time/date, IGNORE THE MANUAL!!! Create a file called time.txt with one line with the date, separated by periods, then space, then 24 hour time such as: 2012.02.10 14:10:00 as the example for Feb 10, 2012 at 2:10PM Right click on the file and send it to the removable drive. Disconnect the camera, turn it on via the slide switch. Press and hold the record button until LEDs light up, Green will show up first, then blue with white. Press record quickly until blue/white alternates with green. This indicates that the unit is recording. The date should be correct when you check your sample recording and time.txt should be gone from the camera root folder. The correct info was on a Scott Patterson blog. Many thanks to him for posting correct info!
Author: Joe4

Extreme Power Analyzer Watt-Meter, Voltage Checker and Cell Balancer

Review: It's nice product.. also I have two kinds of more expansive wattmeter.. but, it's have more wide LCD pannel and so good seeable for me.. equalizing & balancing function is more useful for me.
Author: Cho

Review: A great product easy to use and balances Li po batteries to within .1 volt
Author: Unknown

Review: Ok.. this is a perfect tool for our hobby, very impressive hardware and very good functions. small and powerful very good product
Author: Unknown

Review: Great and Easy use. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Toysonics
Author: Alex

Tactic TRX600 Receiver 72 MHz FM TACL60**

Review: does it come with installin instrution
Author: gary

Great Planes Cirrus SR22 Turbo EP ARF 50.5" GPMA1166

Review: YouTube Review posted here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3tvPBim9dg
Author: EPFan1

Hobbywing Pentium 80A Brushless Electric Speed Controller ESC w/UBEC

Review: I used to be a Castle only fan until I tried these controllers out and they are an excellent buy at a fraction of a Castle 80's cost. The fact that I no longer need to run a separate BEC for applications requiring 4s-6s just makes me a even bigger fan!!!

Review: Bought this to replace my damaged CC 60 amp ESC at about a third of the replacement price and haven't regretted it. Also allowed me to dispose of the separate UBEC since it has a switch mode BEC built in - great! I did find that I had to set the Timing to High as recommended in the instructions to suit my big Himax outrunner (HC5018-530 on 6S Polyquests, 21.8volts @ 57 amps giving 1362 watts static on 13x6.5 APC-E)
Author: Unknown

Hobbywing Pentium 30A Brushless Electric Speed Controller ESC w/UBEC

Review: Very good speed controller. Small and powerfull. The best for HK450.

Review: Real 30A esc, I am using this ESC with more than 4minutes of full throttle which draws 28A. Even the ESC is inside cowling, no problems yet, it barely gets warm in over 30degrees C air temperature... You can program lots of parameters with or without the programme card, but using the programing card makes things a lot simpler.
Author: Unknown

Review: Great product for the price. Easy to programm, absolutly no problems
Author: Unknown

Review: I bought this ESC to use it on my Esky KingII. I wanted to get the soft startup fonction which doesn't exist on my Esky BL ESC. The product works very good, and I had no problem since i use it. I use the hobbywing programming card to set up this configuration, it is very comfortable. Very happy with this components !!
Author: Unknown

Review: Awesome product, works great for the price, Have it in an Ark x400 Heli and it peaks just fine to 35 Amps, Datalogger recorded. Warm to the touch and I dont even use a BEC... A must is the Program card, saves ya 30 minutes of cursing and throwing your transmitter around
Author: Unknown

Review: Nice ESC, a bit of a pain to program with your transmitter, but do-able. If you do get this ESC, get the programing card, it'll make things a lot easier
Author: Unknown

Hobbywing Seaking 35A V2 Marine Brushless Electric Speed Controller ESC for Boat

Review: Hello, i use this ESC with Feigao 3808412L 2408KV Brushless Motor with 3s li-po batt fnd 27mm prop , work good. Thank you toysonics and hobbywing

Review: Works perfect on my hydro boat with 3S lip
Author: Unknown

Review: I use this ESC with my ECO Mini boat. It worked great for two seasons. Excelent for this price. Throttle response is very linear, from 0 to full gas with plenty of steps (at least one for every dent in my gast stick ratchet). Very simple programmable for timing. The feature I love most is the cut off, it can be programmed also to be simply a motor power reduction instead of a power off. Great buy.
Author: Gabriel

Review: Excellent ESC, runs with 40A continuos without problems! Will buy more of these!
Author: Andy

Hobbywing Seaking 60A V2 Marine Brushless Electric Speed Controller ESC for Boat

Review: the usual hobbywing quality, very smooth opperation and runs super cool , I will use more of these

Review: works fine , stay cold , mounted on a seajet from robbe with the truningy watrcooled motor . is very soft sart. with 3xa123 cells gives a lot of power. nice power chain. i'd rather like to have bigger capacity batteries but that's life ! recommanded
Author: Unknown

Review: It stays cool. Ive tested it on a Flyware Shark7 on 7 nihms in a eco and it stays cool and can handle the 8-poler.(With this Setup you get to the Rpm border of every ESC)
Author: Unknown

Hobbywing Seaking 80A-HV V2 Marine Brushless Electric Speed Controller ESC for Boat

Review: Great esc powersn up very well with 12s lipo's so i am running 24s total at 22.2v per side in my catamaran and she goes as i have x2 KB45-08XL 1600kv Brushless Inrunner .5 stars just bought some more as its as great as a castle 120Amp. keep up the good quality goods.

Review: great esc for the money . cheap and does what it is made to do . usb program work like a charm. will buy 3 more soon
Author: Joseph

Phoenix Models Sonic High Wing ARF .25-.32 PMMA0125

Review: ok
Author: mitraabadi

10 Pairs 2mm Gold Plated Bullet Connector

Review: This connector is good value for your money ! They fit perfect, good strenght. I use them on smaller brushless motors. Soldering is easy thanks to a small hole in the side of the connector. Thank UH for this gooed product, for an excellent price

Review: Great connectors with low weight. Will buy again
Author: Unknown

Review: good quality, easy to solder. i use these connectors between 8 and 15 ampere -> no problem, no heating Reply to this.. No replies. Reply now
Author: Unknown

Review: I am using these connectors almost a year now. They are still like brand new, with no warps or bending. They are also very easy to solder them. Buy them with confidence at a fraction of the price that you will pay at a street
Author: Unknown

10 Sets Servo Connector Caps Futaba JR

Review: I really like this product. Locks the servo extensions together tight. If sticky tape works but looks awful, then this is the product you need.

Review: No more loose servo extensions (actually never even had). Cheap additional security as I don't want even first crash by this reason
Author: Unknown

Review: Great connectors! they hold tight and come off easily
Author: Unknown

Hasegawa 40011 1/450 IJN Battleship Yamato

Review: This ship is the best! Buy it! You'll like it.
Author: Dan Burress

Review: I have purchased the kit online but it has not arrived yet.I noticed from the box art however that this model does not represent the yamato in her last configurationbefore her fatal struggle to blast our troops off the island of Okinawa in April,1945.In think the ship in the box shows yamato during the Battle of Lete Gulf, with only a few antiaircraft weapons on the etreme edge of her port and starboard sides.I thought this was rather odd,because the Tamiya model in 1-350 scale shows the ship in her last confiquration WITH MANY MORE ANTI-AIRCRACT WEAPONS. I can only guess that either Hasagawa was ignorent of what their own nations ship looked like before she met her end(WHICH I FIND DISTURBING) OR THEY WANTED TO POTRAY HER AT HER AT THE HEIGHT OF HER GLORY WHERE SHE ACTUALLY USED HER GUNS IN BATTLE.WHEN I BUILD THE KIT I SHALL WRITE AN EXHAUSTIVE REVIEW,AND LET YOU KNOW MY OPINION
Author: Dan Burress

F-16 Fighting Falcon 360 Vector Thrust 70mm RC Electric Ducted Fan EDF Jet ARF w/ Retracts, Gear Door System

Review: Great view perghh..one day must grab it
Author: Nadzfil rezal Mohd Pilus (kajangperdana@gmail.com)

Review: its looking just waaaooo..............!
Author: Syed Asim Akhter

Toysonics Alloy Collet Prop Adapter 3mm to 5mm

Review: Fantastic adaptors. They are vary reliable adaptors
Author: Trevor

AEORC Motor KV/RPM Digital Meter for Brushless Motor

Review: This is a very handy little gadget, although it is a bit pricey. It's more convenient to use on electric motors than an optical RPM meter and also good for revealing the actual kv of motors. On some motors I have measured a significant difference from the manufacturer's claimed kv with this device
Author: Kevin

10 Pairs 8mm Gold Plated Bullet Connector

Review: I use these on my high amp applications, they work great

Review: Great product !! Value for money and they can handle high amps, data logged 150 amps no problems
Author: Unknown

Flysky FS-CT6B 2.4GHz 6CH Transmitter and Receiver Air/Heli w/USB Cable Mode 2

Review: t6config software will not open with Windows 7.
Author: james jemail

Review: Great product, easy to bind and great range/response. just because some people were having trouble, TO BIND: 1. connect the Rx to a Battery notice the blinking led 2. hold down the bind button on the bottom of the controller 3. turn on the controller while holding down the bind button and watch the led 4. when it stops blinking you are done (less than 5 secs for me).
Author: andrew

AMX 50mm 4CH EDF RC Remote Control Electric Ducted Fan Jet EPO Foam Receiver Ready

Review: I bought the ARF kit and installed my own servos, ESC and reciever. I use a 1100mah 3S 45C pack and this AMX kit rocks... totally ballastic performance
Author: Jacques

Top Flite P-40 Warhawk .60 ARF TOPA0970

Review: This is a extremely good flying aircraft.
Author: Carl Stewart

F-22 Raptor V2 Vector Thrust RC R/C Remote Twin 70mm Electric Ducted Fan Jet EDF ARF w/Servoless Retracts, Gear Door, Flaps

Review: with my setup, the plane weighs 3.3 kilos, 7 pounds 4 ounces. Fans produce 9 pounds roughly at 1800 watts per fan
Author: Edward Case

Review: Powered with 10 blade fans and 2 2.7aH 6s, the Raptor flies well, has light wing loading, is easy to control. The leading edge slats and flaps when deployed fully, cause some positive pitch, and down trim is needed, the plane slows and flares nicely. The landing gear is strong enough, and yet the wheels are small, so the pavement's surface must be clear of potholes. I was very pleasantly surprised that the coupled aileron/stabilator (full flying stabilizers) made handling so easy. I have yet to try the vector paddles, yet my F-22 is set up to use them. Judging the quality of the kit, It's Always a success with LX. If the wheels were 25% larger it would be nicer for grass strips, although I've seen it used on grass by others.
Author: Edward Case

Review: very happy and satisfied with the product and delivery handling.
Author: Alberto clemente (trident3ph@yahoo.com)

Review: great
Author: mike stadler

MIG-29 V2 360 Vector Thrust RC R/C Remote Twin 70mm Electric Ducted Fan Jet EDF ARF w/Servoless Retracts, Gear Door, Flaps

Review: Hola. Estoy interesado en su Mig 29 RC , pero me gustaria saber cuanto me cuesta este modelo listo para volar .(RTF). sALUDOS.
Author: Luis Arango Falcon.

Thunder Tiger PV0109 .50 Muffler R50/X50

Review: The finish is very nice. I can't wait to install it & see how it performs & sounds. The price was reasonable too. I was planning on ordering a similar one from China that had great reviews & cheaper but about time you figured in the shipping it was about the same price with longer wait time to be received. Thanks again Toysonics for your competitive pricing and timely delivery.
Author: Abdul Askew SR (dulpyps@yahoo.com)

T-33 4CH 50mm EDF RC Remote Control Electric Ducted Fan Jet EPO Foam Receiver Ready

Review: The T-33 flys great. All of the components function as they should. Performance ok with supplied battery, much better with 1300 30c. I love this little plane
Author: John

10 Pairs XT60 Battery Connector Male/Female

Review: Easier to work with compares to deans plug. Quality is good too. No problem
Author: Jason

Review: Excellent product...I will switch all my connectors to XT60s and standardize my rig...I did not have any melting problem due to soldering...Just use low wattage soldering iron and keep the exposure time of the tip to the connectors low.

Review: at last someone has made the plug we all wanted, well thought out design has a recess so that the heat shrink will cover and not leave the gaps that the overpriced Deans did, good contact tention, but pull apart with ease due to the grips
Author: Unknown

Review: Very strong connectors, much better then old Deans and much easier to solder wires on them!
Author: Unknown

Review: Tested my first pairs today and I decided to change from Deans to the XT60. - Very good and consistent design. Easy to solder. Shrinkage tube of 5 mm in diameter is perfect and will vanish about 2 mm into the plastics part. Handling is close to perfect. Good price for the quality. Long term quality does not matte so much due to the low price.
Author: Unknown

Review: This is my favorite product. I switched my entire hanger to XT60 because they are so much easier to solder and plug and unplug. Best thing since LiPo batteries. Well worth the time and money.
Author: Unknown

Syma S107 Yellow 3CH Co-Axial Metal Body Frame w/Built-in Gyroscope RC Helicopter RTF

Review: this is a very fun little chopper. it was easy to fly inside and took very little time to figure out the controls.
Author: shelly smith

Syma S107 Red 3CH Co-Axial Metal Body Frame w/Built-in Gyroscope RC Helicopter RTF

Review: Just received the Syma S107, Put 3 flights on it and I must say , it is the best built and best flying indoor helicopter that I have ever purchase. Fly's like a dream right out of the box, after charging that is. I just wish that my larger co-axial's were bulit as well and fly like this little.bird. Tends to drift a bit backward on take off , but a beginner should be able to overcome this without any problems.
Author: les freiborg


Review: This lane looks EPIC I hadn't bought yet though but other than that it seems GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Kevman375

AquaCraft AquaCraft Vela One Meter Sailboat 2.4GHz AQUB0200

Review: The instructions say to change the batteries after an hour of sailing. I have over 30 hrs of use on the 4 "AA" batteries in the boat, and nearly 40 hrs on the transmitter. I don't know why they are so conservative on battery life.
Author: Joel Brown

Flysky FS-CT4C 2.4GHz 4CH Transmitter and Receiver Air/Heli

Review: How do you or can you select elevon mixing?
Author: Geo

Review: Very good product, very good range.. excelent for the price... i'm using it with a glow motered plane..

Review: A great product, comes with no manual but very easy to operate. I decided to buy this 4ch insted of the 6ch because I wanted to use it in more than one plane and wanted to be able to easily change the servo direction. I put it on my EasyStar and the tx works great, no problems and the range is as far as the eye can see. recomended, buy additional receiver and lipo tx buttery and you will be very happy !
Author: Unknown

Review: Hi i now have two of these remarkable radio sets and they work perfectly at any range in electric and gas powered planes and have now four more receivers ordered . i would reccomend them to any one looking for a basic radio control set
Author: Unknown

Review: For the people who plan to train with it in a simulation: It is compatible with the cheap USB cables on ebay. Like the esky devices, it has a s-video like (mini-din) jack. Just plug the cable into the trainer jack, calibrate and go:-) And btw.: you can use this device with a 12v/1.5A power supply - without need to insert batteries!
Author: Unknown

Review: After a range test the club members were impressed by its performance. Hand signals to confirm its function were hardly seen on the end of the test so we stopped it. No servo-vibrations were noticed during this test so the signal stayed clear overall. The 3 test flights afterwards only confirmed the first experiment. Five stars for doing its job but what a pity no instructions are available. Very pleased with this purchase
Author: Unknown

Review: Batteries in transmitter, switch off. 2. Connect one side of the bind plug to the BAT slot on the receiver. 3. Connect an ESC (with battery attached) to one of the channels. Black line (-) goes to the far right. You will see a red LED blinking. 4. Push and hold down the bind button on the transmitter while switching on. Keep the bind button held down until the red LED stops blinking. You are now ready to enjoy your wonderful new 2.4GHz TX.
Author: Unknown

FMS P-47 Thunderbolt Tarheel Hal 55" V2 6CH RC Electric Warbird EPO Foam ARF w/Servoless Retracts, Flaps

Review: Very nice kit. Arrived nicely package and only one cosmetic problem which was a small dent in side of fuselage (half the size of a dime). The biggest problem is the instructions (or lack of). There is one sheet with pictures of how to construct. It was not very detailed at all. If I wasn't an experienced modeler, i would not have known what to do on a couple of parts (Wing hold down straps and how to install tail wheel servo). All parts were in excellent shape. Only construction problem was that the wing panels had a very hard time being slid down the CF rod and had to be very slow and careful not to damage the wing. Finally got it done and then screwed down the hold down brackets. I used G&C 500kv motor and Hobbywing 60 amp switched ESC with 3A BEC. I used all metal gear servos from HobbyKing. I used Spektrum AR600 receiver with my DX6i radio. The clevises and control rods in this kit are same as other FMS products...flimsy and thin. I have FMS Mustang and I fly it with those flimsy control rods and they work okay but I recommend at least putting rubber tubing over clevis to keep it closed. I used 4S-30-3300 Turnigy LiPo and had to open up the battery compartment to accommodate it. It balances great at 85-90mm from the leading edge of the wing, inverted. I maidened it last weekend in 15 mph winds and it flew great. It had GOBS of power and was decently fast. It is no speed demon by any means but it is not super slow either. Nice scale speed. The bombs and fuel tank are nice touches too. I decided to make fuel tank removable with magnets like the bombs are. Great looking, great flying plane! Toysonics delivered it in three days from California to Texas, nice job guys! Russ
Author: RGS2010

Starmax Piper J-3 Cub 55" Wing Span 4CH RC R/C Remote Control Electric Airplane EPO Foam ARF

Review: great air craft.handles great in the air.lands good.good for every one
Author: tim

Review: I bought the starmax J 3 Cub over a month ago. This is a great flyer. The maiden flight went well after making a adjustments to the controls. This is one of the best scale modelsI have seen recently. I have also noticed some copy cats out there as well. This a good plane for almost any pilot. You do need to make sure you have a good motor and speed control for this plane.
Author: Fred

F-22 Raptor 50mm EDF RC Remote Control Electric Ducted Fan Jet EPO Foam ARF/Brushless Motor

Review: Great flying plane! wide flight envelope. Supper easy to fly. looks great. Very happy!
Author: nahji peel (nahjipeel@gmail.com)

FMS Spitfire 55" 5CH RC Electric Warbird EPO Foam ARF w/Servoless Retracts

Review: Package arrived on time and complete. Plane appears just as photo. I was pleased except for the wing. The wing looks just like a Hawker Hurricane wing, no dihedral. I think they might have sent additional parts. I will phone them to find out. If my package is correct, I will promptly order additonal packages as this would be better than HK.
Author: Clyde Blakley

C-17 Globemaster Quad 55mm EDF RC Remote Control Electric Ducted Fan Jet EPO Foam ARF w/Cargo Door

Review: I am amazed with the quality of this aircraft model.
Author: George

A-10 Warthog 59" Wing RC R/C Remote Twin 70mm Electric Ducted Fan Jet EDF RTF w/Servoless Retracts, Gear Door, Flaps

Review: nice looking model..left retract smoked fist time powered up and right wing tip nav light not working contacted ToySonic about these problems hopfully they will replace the retract and nav light..hope they can they list any replacement parts for this A-10 model..Ill update this review after they contact me and hopefully replace the retract and nav light
Author: curt kelley (ca_kelley@hotmail.com)

P-51 Mustang 4CH Mini RC Remote Control Electric Warbird ARF/Brushless Motor

Review: Great little scaled p-51 , I'm an intermediate pilot and a can say that it performs as expected ,can't believe the price tag....
Author: Raul

Rare Bear 4CH Mini RC Remote Control Electric Warbird ARF/Brushless Motor

Review: I have over 300 planes now so please be jealous but still this is my favorite plane to fly.
Author: Steve

Review: I now have over 200 planes and by far this is my favorite out of all of them. Everyone loves watching me fly it.
Author: Steve

Review: Awesome bird, stock on 3s it really rips, I replaced the esc to a 40amp, and run 4s 1000's in it and its FAST, stock motor, stock servo's, its a blast!
Author: Kevin

Review: I bought the Rarebear about a month ago, adding to my collection of about or over 100 planes. They're from 20 inches (500mm), to 126 inches(3200mm) and this one quickly became my 2nd favorite to my 27pcnt Extra 260. With a 4 cell 850mah 45c, it screams. Everyone loves watching me fly it. It goes straight up faster than most of my plane fly level. and rolling, oh my god. It does around 3 per second. Oh! and this is after a dog tore off 4 inches of the left wing, half of the right horizontal stabilizer, the vertical stabilizer, the canopy and crushed in the sides of the fuselage. If you can fly well, you will love it. it's a blast even in high winds. If you can fly OK, fly it scale and with a 3 cell and you will get better. And as for landings, it comes in hot. So get right down by the ground and set it down gently and it does a nice bellyslide.
Author: Steve

Dave Brown CFTP Carbon Fiber Tape 12'

Review: I have used this carbon fiber tape with epoxy, to strengthen frames, landing gear support. Works Great!!
Author: Williams

A-6 Intruder 50mm EDF RC Remote Control Electric Ducted Fan Jet EPO Foam ARF/Brushless Motor

Review: need a complete ready to fly jet like this
Author: robert

Tamiya 70145 Narrow Tire Set 58mm

Review: these tires are super soft and grippy, we used this for an engineering project and they were Perfect. there is plenty of plastic on the rims for us to drill to fit our own hubs.
Author: Nick

Tamiya 70111 Large Diameter Wheel Set

Review: we used these for a car we crafted for a school project. The tires are super soft, grippy rubber. and the solid plastic rims were perfect for us to modify to fit our own hubs.
Author: Nick

GT Power 130A Watt-Meter and Power Analyzer


Review: Great meter. Performance and features similar to the Watt's-Up type meters. Back-lit screen makes reading in the sun or back in the workshop equally easy. Great meter - should be considered essential for every e-flyer.

Review: my builder can get credit for showing me this tool it helps you dial in youre prop esc combo it works very good he also showed me hk web site and i have spent thousans here thanks for taking all our money its worth it tho keep on finding stuff i cant live without
Author: Unknown

Review: Very pleased with this meter, a must have for anyone that uses batteries.
Author: Unknown

Review: Very simple to use, and works as advertised. Comes with bare wires, so I added Deans connectors.
Author: Unknown

Review: Very simple to use. Comes with no connectors. Fairly good viewing angle on the LCD. Takes guessing out of the picture, a cheap way to know how things are running
Author: Unknown

Review: what a great tool at a great price, if you have electrics you need thid item, very useful. no complaints
Author: Unknown

Review: Great !!! Now i can choose the right prop for my models!! I can protect the speed control and baterries Great product and great price. If anyone fly electrics must have it NOW
Author: Unknown

Review: it work's great nice blue backligthing makes it easy to see for us night flying guys. the only thing i would like to see is longer wires on the meter. mine were only about 3inches long 6 would be good. 4 stars for the short wires. still good for the price.Thank's HK
Author: Unknown

Review: Awesome, use it on my emaxx to monitor voltage on my mamba running 6s lipo, minimum voltage see what my battery voltages are dropping on load, also shows max current and max power, working great for the last 6 months and Ive broken metal driveshafts and bashed a lot in this thing. Good accurate mah usage!!! you can see how much power has been drawn from yoru batteries, great for someone who's likes tech specs
Author: Unknown

F-22 Raptor V2 Vector Thrust RC R/C Remote Twin 70mm Electric Ducted Fan Jet EDF PNP w/Retracts, Gear Door, Flaps, LED

Review: This rapter is awesome! It,s the size of turbine jets, huge wing area, full elevator, more scale of any other models, functional wing slats with flaps. use metal gear toysonic servos on elev and front wing slats because of massive control surfaces. easy to fly slow or fast!
Author: 3DJ

GT Power Multi-Blade Micro Tachometer

Review: That I met the best. Split-hair accuracy on turns(turnovers) to 30000, above did not check, but above and split-hair accuracy is not required. I recommend, similar devices with such characteristics have very much a big price.Here you receive the most universal tool, for very small(little) money.This device deserves 9 stars.Small(Little) minus - have not provided a thong not to lose in the field at work with model (I have made itself on the right hand as at a watch).It would be more pleasant than it(him) to use if the case was shock-proof execution(performance) covered with rubber and had protection against water.

Review: I bought it and works nice! Its important to perform and maintain the micro tacho stationary in front of the blades, without moving while the reading of the rpm. Otherwise the RPM reading can oscillate. Its a good product and a bargain!
Author: Unknown

Review: This arrived today. It is very compact, and will fit in a shirt pocket and ANY toolbox or bag. I measured my fluorescent lights (USA, 60Hz) and got an exact 3600 RPM. The backlight is very bright and makes the instrument easy to read even in a brightly lit room. It is a nice piece of kit and the price, well it is HK after all.
Author: Unknown

Review: Just started using this little tachometer on my new petrol engine. It performed very well. Display is clear and although the reading wanders by 10 or 20 rpm due to engine set up its good for its use. Checked it against flouresent tube and its bang on. The unit is easy to use: switch on and offer it up to the prop it reads straight away! A good little unit.
Author: Unknown

Review: Works well! I just strap it to the heli and hover. It needs good light and if the photo eye is in the flybar arc you may need to set 4 blades on the unit to get an accurate speed.
Author: Unknown

Hobbico Select Scale Focke Wulf FW-190 EP RxR HCAA2539

Review: This is a great flying plane. Truly flies like a warbird. But there is a major flaw in this particular model, the landing gear does not have the correct "rake". In otherwords, this plane noses in on take offs and landings. Note to the manufacturer, "please correct this issue and this would truly be a 5 star model.
Author: Mike Ramos

Robart SE-02 Stirling Engine Small

Review: This engine is an incredible value. Once the cylinders have been cleaned with a polishing cloth (a very simple procedure involving removing only one screw) the engine will run on a flame smaller than that of a tea candle and at a pretty good clip to. Wonderful little piece worth every penny!!! FIVE STARS
Author: Chooch

F-8 Crusader 50mm EDF RC Remote Control Electric Ducted Fan Jet EPO Foam ARF/Brushless Motor

Review: Airplane arrived in good shape. Looks good, going together. However, the edf unit will not run. I was somewhat concerned, it looked rather cheap. When connected, made a few clicking noises and stopped. Have ordered a new replacement unit, hope that works.
Author: Richard

Review: Came well packaged, everything in good order. Only problem (small) was that the instruction book was missing most of the pages. Assembly of this plane is rather straightforward,so this is not a huge issue. Looking forward to flying this one when assembly is complete.
Author: Richard

Review: Flys awesome with upgraded EDF. Another awesome product from Toysonic!
Author: Jake

Sky Surfer 4CH RC Remote Control Electric Glider EPO Foam ARF w/Brushless Motor

Review: When will this plane be in stock?
Author: Mark A

Great Planes RealFlight 6 Upgrade for G4 and Above GPMZ4468

Review: download gpmz4468
Author: Brunaud

F-22 Raptor V3 Pro 70mm RC R/C Electric Ducted Fan Jet ARF Kit w/ Retracts Landing Gear

Review: Real nice looking jet those picture don't do justice to what it really looks like! The retracts are different from the pic above, there actually real nice retracts. Good hard eps foam and nice flat dark grey camo paint scheme!
Author: Atx10


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Very good speed controller. Small and powerfull. The best for HK450.

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